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missing... presumed having a good time
17 July
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non-geeks wimp out here.
abandonware, ambiguity, artificial intelligence, bad puns, black, blues guitar, book collecting, books, bookstores, calligraphy, candlelight, celtic tradition, chaos, chess, chicago, chocolate, clove cigarettes, cocooning, comedy, commodores, computer games, computers, contemplation, corona with lime, cotton, creativity, crooked fingers, cyberpunk, cycling, dark fantasy, directed dreaming, doritos, douglas adams, dreamweaver, dry humor, dry white wine, edward gorey, emulation, england, epic fantasy, eudaimonism, exploring, fairy tales, fajitas, flash, flirting, folk tales, fractals, french onion soup, garbage, gary larson, good friends, grass, green eyes, hacking, high places, honesty, horror, idealism, ideas, idiot-bashing, imagination, independent movies, individuality, infocom, inform, information, ireland, irony, jade trees, jaywalking, kyfho, latte, leather, living dangerously, long showers, long walks, macabre, magic, medium-rare steaks, mexican food, mischief, monty python, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nightmares, nihilism, occult, paganism, peoplewatching, perfection, peter straub, poetry, programming, puzzles, quiet, rainy nights, reading, rem, retrogaming, robert jordan, rocky road, sailing, sarah mclachlan, scents, science fiction, self-analysis, skepticism, sleeping late, speeding, spooning, staple removers, stephen king, sting, strawberries, sweaters, szechuan, tarot, teaching, techno, tequila, textures, thai food, tim burton, toad the wet sprocket, trainspotting, travel, tweed, wales, warm cheese, web design, william gibson, witty repartee, wool, writing, xtc

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